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ZUDO - LOGOS (Vinyl & Download)



Vinyl record includes download for digital files
limited to 300 pieces

The music of ZUDO is a result of their unique technical setup and the duo’s action of playing. The channel routing of alto clarinet, multiple guitar effects and live amping of Christof Zurbuchen combined with the sounds of Mario Dotta’s selected vinyl records, turntablism and diverse electronics define its sonic aesthetics.

As defiant as live-performances tend to be for the duo, the bigger became the challenge to fix their improvised music on a record. Not only would it be extremely difficult to select recordings to publish out of their free playing, it presented to them even a bigger challenge to find vinyl records that would not contain copyrights. (Which nobody ever considered to be an effective problem in a live situation.)

By using previous releases of the label’s own catalog, the group accomplished to treat the issue in a very charming way to furthermore celebrate the label’s 10-year anniversary with its 20th release.

Electronics, Turntable: Mario Dotta
Alto-Clarinet, Effects: Christof Zurbuchen
Recording: Mario Dotta
Mastering: Ramon Bischoff
Artwork: Daniel Häller
Layout: Julia Häller
Photography: Cecile Jund

© 2023 by Prefermusic / PM020
all rights reserved.

Released on 23rd of April 2023