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Peter O'Range - O.K., Mr. K. (Vinyl & Download)

by Peter O'Range


Vinyl record includes download for digital files
limited to 200 pieces

In 2018, long disappeared tracks from Peter O’Range, who allegedly had special relationships with other great music art- ists within the time of 1996 and 2004, were rediscovered by music producer Ramon Bischoff. Now in a new remastered version these soundscapes and tracks can again inspire and set any active listening audience into a special state. Proud to present these hidden tracks of enigmatic Peter O’Range.

All instruments performed,
all fieldrecordings recorded,
all music written and recorded by Peter O’Range

Mixing: Christian Knorr
Mastering: Ramon Bischoff
Artwork: Sonja Kräuliger

© 2022 by Prefermusic / PM018
all rights reserved.

Released on 31st of December 2022