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Outlineseries#11 (Print & Download)

by Arem and Oiler


Print of the Outlineseries#11 Cover
30cm x 30cm, high-quality print

Artwork: Kurt Oiler

Outlineseries#11: LOST
released 11.11.2012

01. Das schrecklich grosse Schiff - Arem
02. wooden sword - khaderbai
03. Musique concrète - Fliegendruck
04. Engpass - Arem

Outlineseries is a concept of instrumental compilations.
The project started with Outlineseries#1 CYAN on 01.01.12.
The ending of 2012 and the series was concluded by Outlineseries #12 DEAD on 12.12.12

Download Outlineseries#1-12