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Otto von Ohr - Act Three EP (Vinyl & Download)

by Oiler and Otto von Ohr


Vinyl record includes download for digital files
limited to 150 pieces

With Act Three, Otto von Ohr dives even deeper into his world of sound and further consolidates his musical corset. Nevertheless, he swings between two poles - experiment and groove. With an overflowing fund of references, the gifted sound-spinner welds together field recordings, digital sound snippets and analog sound fragments to form unruly sound figures. They reveal their persuasive power through hissing engines, oppressive beats, rumbling bass lines, chopped up speech fragments and mystical melodies. All this blends into bumpy drone etudes and curious leftfield techno stories. Otto goes bonkers again!

With Act Three Otto completes the physical recording trilogy and moves between drone, hard beats and techno. This record roars, hisses and crunches violently! Tune in!

All Tracks written by Florian Waespe
Mixing: Florian Wäspe
Mastering: Joachim Budweiser
Artwork: Elio Lüthi & Kurt Oile

© 2020 by Prefermusic / PM015
all rights reserved

Released on 23rd of September 2020