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Otto von Ohr - Act One EP (Vinyl & Download)

by Oiler and Otto von Ohr


Vinyl record includes download for digital files
limited to 150 pieces

Act One is the introduction to sound tinkerer Otto von Ohr’s very own sound sphere. Modelling field recordings, live recordings and analogue sounds into unruly sound figures with growling motors, pinching beats, rumbling bass lines and hauntingly mystical melodies; there is a persuasive nature of Otto von Ohr’s versatile approach to music. On Act One bumpy drone edits mix with narrative leftfield techno. Otto goes bonkers!

Act One is the first release in a trilogy of three physical releases. This disc roars, hisses and crunches forcefully!
Tune in!

All Tracks written by Florian Waespe
Mixing: Ramon Bischoff
Mastering: Joachim Budweiser
Artwork: Elio Lüthi

© 2017 by Prefermusic / PM011
all rights reserved

Released on 11th of January 2018