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Illocanblo - Aerock (Vinyl & Download)

by Arem , Oiler , and illocanblo ,


Handnumbered vinyl record.
Limited to 200 pieces.
Packed with complementary stickers of artwork on front and back side, insert sleeve and download for digital files.

Artwork: Oile

Listen to the Snippet of the 6-Track, 28 minutes lasting release "Aerock".

Constant changes, complex patterns fast rhythms and disturbing sounds. All the elements end up in a relaxing bath of electronic, glitch inspired instrumental music. Produced in St Petersburg, realised and finished in Bern and Zurich.

Once you realize all things that you do matter. Then you start trying to control all of them. But when all those things happen, you immediately lose all desire to control them. You are a spectator of life. Any feeling is transformed into a moment. How long it remains in memory depends on the strength of feelings. There is a unique opportunity to leave the desire to control. Simply contemplate the transformation of feelings.

All tracks written and produced by Ilya Bitekhtin in the period of 2014-2015.
The working process dealt with own field-recordings, soft synths and samples from youtube.

Executive Producer: R. Bischoff & Ilya Bitekhtin
Mixing & Mastering: R. Bischoff
Artwork: Oiler

© 2016 by Prefermusic / PM007
all rights reserved
Produced in St. Petersburg, Bern, Zurich

Released on 7th of july 2016

Photos: claudehurni.ch