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Aries Zaes - DUST

by Aries Zaes


Tape includes download for digital files
limited to 100 pieces

After DEBRIS (PM014, 2020), DUST is the second album by the electronic music duo Aries Zaes. Their four-to-the-floor aesthetic is danceable and comes with its own drive, and yet enlivens analog textures made from noise and otherwise normally inaudible matter.

DUST is released on tape as well as the known digital platforms. Similar to its predecessor, DUST is recorded on an assemblage of both historic and contemporary sound modules and synthesizers, including the Arp2500, Moog DFAM und Mother 32, Roland Szstem 500, Korg MS20, Doepfer System 100, Korg Volca Series.

All music was written, recorded and produced by Annie Aries, anniearies.com and Marcel Zaes, marcelzaes.com

Mixing & Mastering: Ramon Bischoff, nomar.ch
Artwork: Sandra Schmid, schmiderei.com

© 2023 by Prefermusic / PM019
all rights reserved.

Released on 1st of December 2023