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Arem - LAYERS 2/3 (Print & Download)

by Arem and Ben-I Photography


20x20cm double sided print. Limited to 30 pieces inclusive download of Layers 2/3!
Artwork: Ben-I Production

Listen to the Snippet of the 3-Track, 10 minutes lasting, "LAYERS 2/3" Concert.

composition by Arem for flute, prepared piano, double bass & live electronics

structures, textures

noise, sound

spectra, wave areas
in motion

Luk Poncet live-electronic
Aurora Pajón Fernández flute & piccolo
Laura Livers prepared piano
Pawel Jablczynski double bass

Mixing & Mastering: R. Bischoff
Artwork: Ben-I Production
© 2015 by Prefermusic / PM004
All rights reserved

released 1st of December 2015