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Arem - LAYERS 1/3 (Print & Download)

by Arem and Ben-I Photography

CHF8.00 / On Sale

20x20cm double sided print. Limited to 30 pieces inclusive download of Layers 1/3!
Artwork: Ben-I Production

Listen to the Snippet of the 5-Track, 20 minutes lasting, "EP LAYERS 1/3" here:

We are surrounded by layers. There are compositions we can pick easily to pieces, some others only function in the ensemble. Our cognition always tries to collect things and pull together as much as possible. "Layers" tries to stand between the place, where those shapes attach each other.

Mixing & Mastering: R. Bischoff
Artwork: Ben-I Production
© 2014 by Prefermusic / PM002
All rights reserved

released 31 August 2014