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Am Kap - Due To My Absence (Vinyl & Download)

by Am Kap


Vinyl record includes download for digital files
limited to 200 pieces

Watch the videoclip of the song "Doubt":

Tomorrow everything's going to be different - but the search still didn't finish.
The debut of Am Kap is an approach of remaking an event, for which vocabulary alone is too limited. Due To My Absence is filled with creations of unknown moods and contrastful moments. A voice is guiding through a journey which isn't following known rules of beginning or ending. Nor the faces of the trio, nor the beats or their BPMs tell you wheter there stands an engaging night in front or behind you.

All Tracks written and produced by Am Kap
Mixing: R. Bischoff
Mastering: S. Wartmann
Artwork: Lia Sáie

© 2016 by Prefermusic / PM009
all rights reserved

Released on 9th of december 2016