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Alois - Yesterdaydream (Folded Card & Download)

by Alois and Anna-Lina


10x10cm 6-sided-folded print. Limited to 100 pieces inclusive download of Yesterdaydream.
Artwork: Anna-Lina Balke

Listen to the snippet of the four tracks of EP.

The trio of guitar, bass and drums creates a memory of something you know well. The compositions fill gaps - words are missing. One small journey after the other, all connected by the same precision and controlled break-out.


all songs written by Martin Schenker

guitar: Martin Schenker
drums: Florian Schneider
bass: Pascal Eugster

recording: Ramon Bischoff
mixing: Florian Schneider
mastering: Benedikt Röösli
artwork: Anna-Lina Balke

© 2015 by Prefermusic / PM005
All rights reserved

released 14th of December 2015